What makes a good DJ for wedding in Montreal?

Being a DJ for a wedding in Montreal could be a great challenge when you have few ethnics and cultures
attending a wedding in Montreal.
So how do we do it?

IT’s the Mix

 It’s all about the mix means how the DJ will mix each song with the next song.
 It’s all about and what song to play after the current song that it’s currently playing as the next
song is always very important, why? Because we want to keep the crowd on the dance floor,
and what will keep them? A smooth transition and a smooth mix from song to the next one.
 It’s all about the timing to play each song during the wedding.
 Today everyone like a mix of many styles and rhythm of songs, from today’s hits to old school
hits, but we plan to play what the Bride and groom wants to have in their wedding, but we can
also adapt to the guest’s requests during the party as our DJ will read the crowd on the dance
floor through the night.

 The Sound System

 Using the right size of sound system that fit the hall and the number of guests without being too
loud will let the guest enjoy the music. However using professional sound system will provide a
smooth punch of the bass which will make the guests feel the beat of the music on the dance
floor is a key success for the wedding.
 Providing the necessary MC without interrupting too much during the dinner and dance time.

 The Lighting

 Providing professional lighting for the dance and or decorative lighting to light up the wall of the
hall will always add a nice ambiance to the wedding. It will always show in the pictures that will
be taken during the night.
 However not just any light will provide the good ambiance, it takes professional fixture such as
the moving heads, but also it requires the experienced DJ who would use them properly and use
the appropriate light speed and color at the right time during the wedding.

 The Planning

 When we DJ at any wedding, we know in advance all the important moments that will take
place during the wedding, such as the timing of the first dance, the toast, the dance with the
parents, the speeches,,, etc and will make sure everything will be done at the expected and
correct timing.
 We also make sure the photographer and the videographer are well aware about these
moments in advance so they won’t miss any of it.
 The Look
 Our DJ will always show up at the wedding in proper attire.

 The DJ Set up

 When the guests walk in to hall where we provide DJ service at any wedding they always
appreciate our professional and elegant set up.